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Maternity Dresses

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  • Angela Hoofman's Feedback

    I absolutely LOVE this nursing gown. The price is great, and it is so soft and roomy enough for me to wear until the baby comes in two months, and the Breastfeeding holes are big enough not to get in the way. I plan on wearing this in the hospital after any is born as it will be much more comfortable than the hospital gowns. I have looked at hundreds and finally decided on this one Bc of the price and the modesty of it having sleeves- I’m steady self-conscious enough about my arms being big and wouldn’t feel comfortable with visitors seeing me in something sleeveless.

  • Liz F's Review

    I ordered a small which is the size I wore pre-maternity and in maternity size clothes. The material is soft and has a nice weight. It was nice to have at the hospital after I showered and people were coming to visit- I still wasn’t ready to have pants on after labor, but I felt more put together and like myself than in the hospital gown. Plus, it was easy to access nursing. Highly recommended- I will probably order in another color as well

  • Jennifer Kolesar's Feedback

    I really liked this nursing nightgown! It was comfortable after my C-Section when I came home from the hospital in pain, bloated from IV fluids, wearing an abdominal binder, and engorged. That’s a high expectation to meet! The fabric is light and flowing. It washes well and dries quickly when hung to dry. The size was as expected. This nightgown was as flattering as a nursing nightgown could be, I suppose. I liked it much better than the previous ones that I’ve owned. It seems a bit pricey, but I think this gown is worth the money, as it’s comfortable (can’t put a price on that postpartum) and you will get a lot of wear out of it. It’s also preventable if unexpected guests stop by to see the baby.

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